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foto-tiziano-bertacco-pittoreTitian Bertacco was born in San Dona di Piave in 1951. He is dedicated, very young, to drawing and painting under the guidance of his father, the painter himself. He attended the Art Institute “I Carmini” of Venice, and then the free courses of nude and stage design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Work in the meantime at the Studio Art G.M. Power. Mastering in mediums and techniques such as: pyrography, engraved glass and other decorative techniques.

His first exhibitions within the artistic Venetian date from the years ’71 -’72.

Eager to entrre in contact with a top richest cultural and stimulating, in ’74 he moved to Milan. And here his painting is increasingly more refined and enriched with meanings.

He collaborated with a couple of years with the collective Art Militant. Executing murals and panels, both artistically speaking, than on the social and political, and with the “situation” in Milan.

From 1990 to 2000 he participated in and sets up multiple personal and prestigious art exhibitions and public works in major galleries and museums in the Italian and European. Since 2002 he moved to Thailand called to do some portraits for the royal house, since 2004 collaborates with the gallery CVN ART GALLERY in Bangkok that serves for numerous solo artist in the most prestigious galleries in South-East Asia: Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

From 21 years he returned to San Dona di Piave, where he lives and works in via Saretta, 88 – Tel 339 4879396.

Wrote about me:

Mirella Battaglia Landolina, Angiolino Calestani, Raffaele De Grada, Giorgio Favolossi, Marino Fioramonti, Nicola Fudoli, Guglielmo Gigli, Ettore Magni, Tato Mazzieri, Gabriele Mucchi, Franco Passoni, Claudio Rizzi, Teresa Tripodi, Giuseppe Tropea, Antonio Urzi, André Verdet, Silvana Weiller Romanin., Nick Botting, David Cargill, L. Carluccio, John D. Kelly, Raffaele De Garda, A. De Martino, George Devlin, E. Melotti, D. Micacchi, Milena Milani, M. Monteverdi, Pierre Restani, Oliver Samuel, L. Santarelli, S. Serafini,  Chalio Wattana.

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RAI TG L’una, Rai 2, Rai 3, Telemontecarlo, Tele Capodistria, La sinistra, La repubblica, Il giornale Nuovo, Il giorno, Il corriere della sera, Arte Mercato, Oggi, Dove, Panarte, Arte Cultura, Le Arti, Prospettive d’Arte, La provincia, La nazione, La Sicilia, La notte, Il nuovo Laboratorio, Il gazzettino di Venezia, Eco di Bergamo.

Personal Painting Exposure:

  • 1973 PADOVA, Galleria “Villa Vanna”
  • 1974 MESTRE, Galleria “L’acquario”
  • 1974 MILANO, Istituto “Leone XIII” – Incontro con dieci giovani artisti
  • 1974 COLUMBUS, Georgia (U.S.A) Bradley Museum
  • 1975 MILANO, Quadreria d’Arte Contemporanea
  • 1975 TRIESTE, Comune di Trieste presso il Castello di San Giusto
  • 1975 CREMONA, Galleria “Cremona Proposte”
  • 1975 ALASSIO, Galleria “La Leonardiana”
  • 1975 SORESINA, Galleria “Salvaderi”
  • 1975 ABBAITEGRASSO, Castello Visconteo
  • 1976 MILANO, Quadreria d’Arte Contemporanea
  • 1976 CREMONA, Galleria “Cremona Proposte”
  • 1976 LIMITO, Galleria “Tris”
  • 1976 SARZANA, Galleria “Il Ceppo”
  • 1976 REGGIO EMILIA, Galleria “N”
  • 1976 MASSA CARRARA, Galleria “Il Salotto”
  • 1976 GAARDONE RIVIERA, Palazzo dei Congressi “Villa Alba”
  • 1977 ALASSIO, Galleria “La leonardiana”
  • 1977 GROSSETTO, Galleria “Centro delle Arti”
  • 1977 SARZANA, Galleria “Il Ceppo”
  • 1977 PALERMO, Galleria “Trinacria Arte”
  • 1977 SAN PELLEGRINO TERME, (Comune di), presso il Casinò Municipale
  • 1978 MILANO, Quadreria d’Arte Contemporanea
  • 1978 GROSSETO, Galleria “Centro delle Arti”
  • 1978 MARINA DEL CAPO, Regione Calabria, Rassegna Europea Murales
  • 1979 MILANO, Galleria “Schettini”
  • 1979 MILANO, Quadreria d’Arte Contemporanea
  • 1980 BELPASSO, Sala Comunale
  • 1980 CALA’MPISO, Regione Sicilia, Rassegna Europe di Murales
  • 1980 GARDONE RIVIERA, Sala comunale
  • 1980 MILAANO, Palazzo dell’Arte, Salone dei Giovani Artisti
  • 1980 MESTRE, Galleria “Gigli”
  • 1980 MILANO, Galleria “Biffi 80”
  • 1980 ERACLEA MARE, (Comune di), Premio di Pittura M.A. Pasti
  • 1981 LOMAZZO, Sala Comunale – Gruppo “Situazione” Murales
  • 1981 Casa di riposo di Lomazzo
  • 1981 BERGAMO, Galleri “Antenna”
  • 1981 BELPASSO (CA), Comune di Belpasso, Murales col Gruppo “Situazione”
  • 1982 BERGAMO, Galleria “Alexia”
  • 1982 BARGA (LU), Sala Comunale
  • 1983 SAN DONÀ DI PIAVE, Galleria “Il segno”
  • 1983 BARGA (LU), Sala Comunale

  • 1983 BARI, Expo d’Arte
  • 1984 MILANO, Quadreria d’Arte Contemporanea
  • 1985 CREMA, Galleria d’Arte
  • 1985 PAVIA, Musei Civici
  • 1985 MILANO, Quadreria d’Arte Contemporanea
  • 1985 NOVARA, Galleria “Cacciapiatti”
  • 1986 ROMA, Foro Italico-Manifestazione organizzata dal CONI-40 pittori raccontano lo sport
  • 1988 BOLOGNA, Arte Fiera
  • 1989 MILANO, Biennale d’Arte
  • 1990 NOVARA, Galeria “Cacciapiatti”
  • 1990 MILANO, Palazzo della Permanente (Soci)
  • 1991 SAN DONA’ DI PIAVE, Galleria “Boato”
  • 1992 SORESINA (CR), “Centro Artistico”
  • 1992 VERONA, Galleria “Musei Civici”
  • 1993 NOVARA, Galleria “Cacciapiatti”
  • 1993 BOLZANO, Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna
  • 1993 PESARO, Galleria “Montini”
  • 1994 BOLOGNA, centro, Arte Fiera
  • 1994 NOVARA, Galleria “Cacciapiatti”
  • 1996 MOTTA DI LIVENZA, Comune
  • 1996 SAN DONA’ DI PIAVE, Centro Culturale Leonardo da Vinci
  • 2000 ROMA, Italarte personale
  • 2001 UDINE, Galleria comunale
  • 2003 SAN DONA’ DI PIAVE, Galleria “Boato”
  • 2004 BRESCIA, Museo civile
  • 2004 NAPOLI, Galleria “Lo Spazio”
  • 2006 FIRENZE, Galleria “Casarini”
  • 2006 C.V.N. ART. Gallery Bangkok
  • 2007 PISTOIA, Pinacoteca comunale
  • 2007 PALERMO, Galleria “Arte Spazio”
  • 2007 PARMA, Salone dei Congressi
  • 2007 GIAPPONE, Osaki, Ngee Ann Cultural Center
  • 2008 C.V.N. ART. Gallery Bangkok
  • 2008 BOLOGNA, Galleria “Ossani – Laconcelli”
  • 2008 MALESIA, Kuala Lampur – Gajah Gallery
  • 2010 C.V.N. ART. Gallery Bangkok
  • 2011 SINGAPORE, “Art Space Gallery”

Collective Exposure and Public Events

  • 1974 MILANO, Istituto “Leone XIII” – Meeting with 10 Young Artists
  • 1975 CREMONA, “Cremona Proposte” Gallery
  • 1975 ALASSIO, “La Leonardiana” Gallery
  • 1975 SORESINA, “Salvaderi” Gallery
  • 1975 ABBIATEGRASSO, Castello Visconteo
  • 1976 SARZANA, “Il Ceppo” Gallery
  • 1976 REGGIO EMILIA, “N” Gallery
  • 1976 MASSA CARRARA, “Il Salotto” Gallery
  • 1976 GARDONE RIVIERA, Pallazo dei Congressi “Villa alba”
  • 1977 SARZANA, “Il ceppo” Gallery
  • 1978 MILANO, Quadreria d’Arte Contemporanea
  • 1978 MARINA DEL CAPO, Regione Calabria, Rassegna Europea Murales
  • 1980 BELPASSO, Sala Comunale
  • 1980 CALA’MPISO, Regione Sicilia, Rassegna Europea di Murales
  • 1980 GARDONE RIVIERA, Sala Comunale
  • 1980 MILANO, Palazzo dell’Arte, Salone dei Giovani Artisti
  • 1980 MESTRE, “Gigli” Gallery

  • 1980 Milano, “Biffi 80” Gallery
  • 1980 ERACLEA MARE (Comune di), Premio di Puttura M.A. Pasti
  • 1981 LOMAZZO, Sala Comunale – Gruppo “Situazione” Murales – Casa di riposo di Lomazzo
  • 1981 BERGAMO, “Antenna” Gallery
  • 1981 BELPASSO (CA), Comune di Belpasso, Murales con Gruppo “Situazione”
  • 1982 BARGA (LU), Sala Comunale
  • 1982 MILANO, Quadreria d’Arte Contemporanea
  • 1983 BARI, Art Expo
  • 1983 BARGA (LU), Sala Comunale
  • 1984 MILANO, Quadreria d’Arte Contemporanea
  • 1985 CREMA, Art Gallery
  • 1986 ROMA, Foro Italico – Manifestazione organizzata dall CONI – 40 pittori raccontano lo sport
  • 1988 BOLOGNA, Art Fair
  • 1989 MILANO, Biennale d’Arte
  • 1990 MILANO, Palazzo della Permanente (Soci)


  • The rhythm is precise and constant. The swing floats and insisted: margins are polar opposites and contradictory. Humility on the one hand, awareness on the other. Research and, opposite, complacency. And all translated in painting, the measure, the effort, the moment; and before the pleasure of the brain, the silent continuity without forcing the horizon.

    Bertacco could flex the custom and push aside the curtain of the art capital, the one who rises and stands, spellbinding silence. Every day could be the first billboard. The spotlights accenderebbero of a sudden, the theater would be different, the audience in silent sigh: everything better than the applause for the reinterpretation of the replica.

    And the audience of admirers waiting Titian, perhaps for a morning or a night, after heated discussions with the friend who wrote to him, to see that work, one that can, that will paint, to take him in her arms as pampering , for the tribute to the great success that it recognizes, the generations that older time and hinder the pace, bound and entwined in a closed society in meandrimanette.

    The novel of his characters, made of faces and veils, hinged on pages live voltage, always bound by the clock of existence, tells the chapters of attention sensitive, became anthology of songs of life and turns of our identifying themselves already lived.

    And as a young author expects the book mature Bertacco from the moment of momentum without distraction, works without hesitation, force everything.

    Art and liberty; but estimate is reasonable. And the appreciation implies then request as a right.

    And it inspires you care, it does not matter: we were not, it would still be the time.

    Claudio Rizzi
  • I met Tiziano in the early 80s. He was back in San Dona 'di Piave after a long time lived in Milan, where he attended the world of artists in Milan and had collaborated with several galleries and art houses.

    Many nights I went to his house and showed me the works that was about to finish (which is quite rare for artists). I explained the techniques, shades, colors, contrasts, backgrounds; made me see how you can paint on a canvas, on a piece of cardboard, on a tablet. In the evenings, as I saw growing work under the eyes, found myself the pleasure of painting that I had had since childhood. The words and gestures experienced artist aroused in me more and more interest and passion for art. Since then the meetings with Titian, though less frequent, they never stopped, so I was able to follow all his artistic rimanendone at every stage fascinated. By distorted figures and a little 'stylized, still lifes, landscapes, to sacred images, objects and environments that remind him of his childhood and youth. And more and all his works, are few objects or complex images, attracted me strongly to him to be admired and grasp in its entirety. My friend, the painter is the color with a precise technique, accurate and with ease, using not only the brush, but also of rollers, squeegees and various other tools. All this allows him to give his paintings nuances and contrasts that highlight extraordinary subjects. Most of his works are so rich in detail that, by the same framework, they might extrapolate other. Titian is a complete artist, who knows how to give to his works, in a great poetic dimension, the expression of reality and life lived. And the light that pervades emanates tranquility of a natural world, within which we would like to penetrate and withdraw.

    Giorgio Zabeo


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