Critics of Giorgio Zabeo

I met Tiziano in the early 80s. He was back in San Dona ‘di Piave after a long time lived in Milan, where he attended the world of artists in Milan and had collaborated with several galleries and art houses.

Many nights I went to his house and showed me the works that was about to finish (which is quite rare for artists). I explained the techniques, shades, colors, contrasts, backgrounds; made me see how you can paint on a canvas, on a piece of cardboard, on a tablet. In the evenings, as I saw growing work under the eyes, found myself the pleasure of painting that I had had since childhood. The words and gestures experienced artist aroused in me more and more interest and passion for art. Since then the meetings with Titian, though less frequent, they never stopped, so I was able to follow all his artistic rimanendone at every stage fascinated. By distorted figures and a little ‘stylized, still lifes, landscapes, to sacred images, objects and environments that remind him of his childhood and youth. And more and all his works, are few objects or complex images, attracted me strongly to him to be admired and grasp in its entirety. My friend, the painter is the color with a precise technique, accurate and with ease, using not only the brush, but also of rollers, squeegees and various other tools. All this allows him to give his paintings nuances and contrasts that highlight extraordinary subjects. Most of his works are so rich in detail that, by the same framework, they might extrapolate other. Titian is a complete artist, who knows how to give to his works, in a great poetic dimension, the expression of reality and life lived. And the light that pervades emanates tranquility of a natural world, within which we would like to penetrate and withdraw.

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